Interview with Laura M Kaminski

Laura is to the world – gold yet undiscovered.



Laura M Kaminski (Halima Ayuba) grew up in Bambur, Jos, and Yola, Nigeria (mostly in Jos). She is an Associate Editor at the online journal Right Hand Pointing, and the author of two previous poetry collections (Considering Luminescence and last penny the sun), as well as three chapbooks (Returning to Awe, And Yes, I Dance and Answering the Cuttlefish).

Dance Here is her third poetry collection, and the first one published in Nigeria. It includes and a section of elegies / grief songs for victims of violence, particularly in Jos, Maiduguri, Baga, and Chibok. All royalties from the first edition are staying in Nigeria in support of projects for children: feeding, literacy, acts of kindness to orphans in IDP camps and elsewhere.

Wale: Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Laura: I think if I were able to speak about myself comfortably and coherently, I probably wouldn’t…

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2 thoughts on “Interview with Laura M Kaminski

  1. Thank you for the reblog, Ehi. And thank you for being the one who encouraged me to “find my voice” for this type of thing. I was very uncertain, but I believe you are right — it is necessary for me to speak outside of poetry as well as within it.


    1. You’re a wellspring of inspiration silent too long a time.
      Henceforth, I and I believe – others – would love to see more of you in public space…

      For Thinking Tomorrow, I see us raising an army of visioneers… For tomorrow… For the morrow after…

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